About Us

In 2013, we decided to combine our passions and love to create MasterPiece. Silvia saw a massive lack of available information about tattoos and piercings and Thomas found another field for his artistic visual expression. We started with videos about the tattoo industry, interviews with artists, tattoo convention coverages, piercing FAQ videos. Since then we had a chance to work at the biggest European tattoo conventions like Frankfurt, Barcelona, or Paris. Interview bunch of amazing tattoo artists like Rober Borbas, Sasha Unisex, Joe Capobianco, Jon Mesa, Remis Cizauskas, Alex De Pase or Matthew James. We worked with experienced APP piercer Bran Muller from the USA on piercing myths and facts video series and created many artists portfolio videos to show you the best pieces done by your favourite tattooers.

But we wanted more from life.

Two years later, in 2015, we decided to move (after almost 10 years) from wet Dublin to sunny Barcelona to follow our other dreams of running creative artistic space, MasterPiece Tattoos and to commit only to our live’s passions. We love animals and we made a choice not to consume them. We are happy owners of two cats and two lizards. Have been always surrounded by nature and art. We love travels and interesting personalities and we are extremely thankful and happy that our work that’s also our passion makes it possible.  We also LOVE projects! We are actually convinced that our life together would not be possible without them, so you can be sure there is always going to be a lot happening!

And now… do you want to be a part of it?

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