Adidas Superstar vs Tattoo Artists

Adidas Superstar vs Tattoo Artists was a project organized by Barber Shop Ferajna.

10 pairs of Adidas Superstar sneakers became a canvas for 10 incredible polish tattoo artists:
-Lukasz Bam Kaczmarekk (LIFE IS GOOD atelier)
-Dagna Wrażeń
-Mateusz Kanu Tattoo (Kult Tattoo Fest)
-Marcin Łukasiewicz Tatuaże i Malarstwo (Juniorink NajgorszeStudiowMieście)
-Łukasz Miskacz Antosik (Caffeine Tattoo by Bartosz Panas)
-Olga Mopik Sienkiewicz (Musca Imago)
-Pawel Reduch Tattoo (WarsawINK)
-Karolina Skulska (Kult Tattoo Festt Tattoo Fest)
-Kuba Sokólski Illustration (Musca Imago)
-Roman Zarzeczny: flash and dots (Czarny Szlak Eleganckie Tatuaże)

After the final exhibition all the shoes will be auctioned and money will be donated to the charity.

Check out our video coverage from the Adidas Superstar vs Tattoo Artist exhibition opening!


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