How destructive sun exposure may be for your skin and tattoos?

Skin is a very cool canvas for tattoo art but also, as you know skin is a very important organ. The first line of defense against any invasion of our body.

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So what happens when we expose it the to sun?

There are 3 skin layers epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous.

Tattoos are placed in the second layer, dermis but right above it, in between epidermis and the dermis are cells called melanocytes. This cells when exposed to sun produce a dark substance melanin which we call tan.

Our skin does not tan to make us look better but to create a dark filter that defends deeper layers from the destructive UV rays.

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But how does it influence your tattoo?

There are couple of things we need to look at

– Tan – filter crated by your organism on top of the tattoo makes your tattoo appear different, it distorts the clours especially bright colours. You may think it is only temporary effect but…

– It also has a similar effect to laser tattoo removal. UV rays that are not stopped by the tanned filter go pass through it and damage cells in the deeper layers of the skin, where your tattoo is placed and damage molecules of ink.

– Due to immune system our body constantly tries to get rid of the smaller tattoo ink particles and break down the bigger once.

This process is largely intensified by the sun exposure. Sun damages the molecules of ink making them smaller and easier to clean up by the immune system.

When you get sunburnt on the tattoo or surrounding areas it not only speeds up ink breakdown but also causes immune system to start repairing the damage. While skin damage is being repaired that smaller ink particles are also getting cleaned up and thrown out of our body through the lymphatic system and liver, meaning your tattoo is loosing on vibrancy.

Tattoo skin sun exposure diagram

Art galleries and museums. 

Paintings in the galleries or museums they are never exposed to the sun, what’s more often you are not even allowed to use a camera flash so why would you risk art on your body while you can easily avoid the damage.

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Using high factor suncreams at least SPF 50 preferably dedicated for tattooed skin is the easiest way.



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