My art, before I got sober sucked! – Myke Chambers

My art, before I got sober sucked! – Myke Chambers

Incredible story of Myke Chamber’s way to the top

Myke Chambers

His tattoos have strong roots in traditional Americana, but when you look at them you know right away, they are Myke Chambers tattoos, with their vibrant, powerful colours and crisp lines.

As much as people admire Myke for his tattoo work, many respect him even more for what kind of person he is, the hell of a journey he went through and where it brought him.

Passionate about art from a very young age 12-year-old Myke started experimenting with a stick and poke tattooing with his friends. Starting his professional career around 1994 – 95 when he was only 18 or 19.

Parent’s divorce, moving places, the bad influence of new environment led to drugs and alcohol use. Resulting in Myke leaving home around the age of 15. Shortly later arrested for armed robbery still underaged Myke run away to ride freight trains around the country with his little brother who later died in the fire accident in the abandoned building he slept in.

After this tragic event, Myke went on a suicidal mission. There was nothing else to hold him to this world. He lost everything and drugs and alcohol numbed the pain.

Eventually, he ended up getting arrested for the robbery and spent four years in a Texas prison where he continued to tattoo with hand-wrapped coil machines, using clock radio as a power supply, and hand sharpened needles.

Soon after being released from the prison his addiction took over again and continued for a few more years until September 8, 2005, when he gave up and finally checked himself into a rehab. Since that day he is sober.

After the rehab, he had to learn how to tattoo again because most of his work was done when high. But he was determined to change his life.

Today Myke Chambers is one of the most recognisable tattoo artists in the world. He owns incredible, renowned tattoo studio Seven Swords Tattoo Company in Philadelphia, owns two houses and travels the world with his amazing girlfriend.

He constantly donates his time to share his story with many people who need it. He speaks at the prisons and juvenile rehabilitation facilities and spends time answering drugs related questions on his social media trying to help people who are on the same self-destructive path he found himself years ago.

‚’The feeling of giving without expecting anything in return…there’s nothing like it.’’ – Myke Chambers

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