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1. Tattoo Consultation

Fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP. Send us your tattoo ideas. We will happily explain the tattooing process and advise you on the tattoo design. Choosing the best tattooer for your new tattoo is very important so we offer a big selection of resident and guest artists looking forward to design that perfect tattoo for you!

2. Tattoo design & Artist

We will carefully select your tattooer who will prepare your perfect tattoo design. You will find only the best tattooers in our Tattoo Studio in Barcelona specialising in different tattooing styles; realistic, new school, neo traditional, minimalistic tattoos, geometrical tattoos, blackwork and more we just need to match your tattoo ideas with the best tattooer in our studio.

3. Tattoo Appointment

Once all of your questions are answered, your tattoo design chosen and matched with the best tattoo artist, our lovely receptionist will make a an appointment for you. Tattooing can be stressful so we will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during your tattooing session in MasterPiece Tattoos Barcelona.  SEE YOU SOON!

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