Brussels Tattoo Convention 2017

Brussels Tattoo Convention 10-12 November 2017

It was a second time when we got invited to the Brussels Tattoo Convention.

Unfortunately, I could not make it to the 2016 edition due to our beloved cat’s terminal sickness 🙁

But the video footage Thomas came back with in 2016 blew my mind, so I knew I need to make it to the next edition. You can watch 2016 video here.

This time we decided to take some extra time and arrive in Brussels early on Thursday so we can see a little bit of the place.

Leaving Barcelona can sometimes be a little bit depressing, and it happened to be so this time.

Here you can see why…



Regardless of the weather we spent a great day walking around the city enjoying specialities of the Belgian cuisine. We also had a pleasure to bump into our good friend from Poland – Banana Ink.



We stayed in the Thon hotel and as I found out later so were many others working or attending the convention.

That gave us a chance to hang out with some of the long not seen friends like my buddies from Dublin Ink Kevin and Norbi who I worked with for a couple of years back in Dublin.

It was great to catch up and have some drinks in the hotel’s lobby or have a nice chat by the coffee machine during the breakfast before everyone headed to work at the show.

I also need to mention,  the quality of breakfast in the Thon hotel, especially if you are vegan is excellent!

Good selection of fruit and veggies.

Hotel is located only 15min walk from the convention’s Tour & Taxis expo hall which is always a great thing.



Friday wasn’t the busiest day (it never really is). It gave us a chance to check everything out, talk to people and prepare ourselves for a busy weekend ahead.

If you watched our video ”What is a tattoo convention” you know I think conventions can be pretty boring (and I know I lot of you’ll agree) if you are nor working or getting tattooed.

But even if you just came to visit, you definitely could not get bored with this show as organisers looked after an excellent entertainment programme.



Massive list of local and international tattoo artists included those using more ancient tattooing techniques; hand tapping and hand poking. And those wanting to try tattooing could do so in Banana Ink booth. Even our Thomas got his chance.



Next to the two rooms full of artists, there was a room where you could chill listening to the DJs playing live, admire art exhibition with artwork created by various artists, watch graffiti battle and skateboarding tricks.



Two separate catering areas; for public and tattooers with a big selection of different foods.  I fell in love with vegan shoarma they were serving in the public catering area. It was so good! If you visit conventions often, you know how difficult it is to find nice food, especially if you are a non-meat eater, so these guys did a great job.

But what sold me was the entertainment happening in yet another room where the main stage was located.



Especially The Globe of Death performance with six stunt riders riding their bikes in a small metal globe! Even if you see the footage of it, it is nothing compared to how crazy it looks in real life! Hats off to the performers!



Another one of my favourites was show by Pyrohex. These guys truly warmed up the crowds and set the public on fire!

Visitors could also enjoy live music, muscle cars, Shibari Lingerie Rope presentation, Black Tape Project, Piercing feather and Corset show, Wrestling and fashion show by Sixty6.


Brussels Tattoo Convention – is it worth visiting?

Summarising,  it was a very good event.

I can honestly say even one of the most entertaining shows I have been to. Top quality tattooers and busy entertainment programme. Plus I loved the fact that we could hang out with everyone in the hotel or restaurant next door after the convention. Socialising, spending time with old friends and meeting new ones is an essential part of the tattoo events for me.



Overall very recommended show.

Thanks a lot Kim for having us!






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