Charles Huurman – Video Portfolio

Charles Huurman Video Portfolio

Charles Huurman is one of the artists work you just simply need to know. His incredible surrealistic tattoos will blow your mind and make you realize how tattooing progressed over the last couple of years.

How can I get tattooed by Charles Huurman?

If after watching this video portfolio you feel like you just need to get some tattoo work done by Charles

you can contact him via his studio page; Utopian Tattoo Tribe


His studio is located in Valencia, Spain so it may give you a nice excuse to go and visit this cool city while getting tattooed by one of the best tattoo artists in Spain.

But don’t worry if you don’t feel like traveling this far; Charles travels a lot to various tattoo conventions around the world and guest spots in different studios.

To find out about his schedule we again recommend contacting him directly via his website.

How to become successful tattoo artist?

For some route to the top is much easier than for the others. Charles Huurman learnt the hard way. Watch our interview with this incredible tattoo artist; Charles Huurman – Inspirational Story about becoming a very successfull tattoo artist  to find out how Charles Huurman way to the top looked like.

How technology can be used in tattooing.

Charles Huurman is one of the tattoo artists who like to use a full potential of the newest technologies in the designing process. He claims that it makes his work faster and allows him to try more different options before deciding on the final design. If you want to learn how technology can be used in modern tattoo designing process and to see Charles Huurman in action watch our video Technology in tattooing.



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