Do you want to know how do we follow our dreams?

After almost 10 years spent in Ireland, we decided to make a big step.

So, how much does it take to make a big decision of changing your life and moving to another
country in order to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS?

We didn’t need much and decision was made pretty spontaneously…

One day in 2014 Thomas came back home to meet me crying my eyes out, fed up with life saying I want to leave Ireland.

rain in ireland masterpiece

He asked me where I want to go and the first thing that came up to my head was Spain.

– Spain where?
– Barcelona!

City I felt in love with many years ago

I heard only quick to the point ‚’ok, let’s do this’’
(one of the reasons I love this guy so much).

We didn’t really know where to start, but we knew how important it is to put your PLAN into some sort of timeframes.

We decided to be realistic and give ourselves one year to get ready for THE BIG MOVE.

At least, Thomas already spoke Spanish…
I was spending my mornings before going to work on studying home from my ‚’Spanish in three months’’ book.

On worst days I was searching for apartments in Barcelona and that was always bringing a smile back onto my face.

We again had something to look forward to, another big project (if you know us, you know we love projects)

Gathering information, checking prices, figuring out how we are going to move (as it appeared later) 27 boxes of stuff, some furniture, 2 cats and two lizards.

To make it even more fun, in a meanwhile, we decided to make another dream come true.

I always wanted to organize my own tattoo convention and I felt like Dublin really needed one. A big one a proper one. So when the occasion came up we did not hesitate.

It certainly did not help us to get ready for our move, but definitely took our minds away from the feeling of anticipation.

We felt that after making it happen, after making it successful, we will know we have done everything we came to this country for.

It was an amazing experience, very stressful and difficult at the same time, but great!

Now fulfilled we can move forward!

We travelled to Spain couple of times during that year and we started to make small steps towards our goal.

We went to do convention coverage video for Barcelona Tattoo Expo that was a great experience and gave us a bigger insight into Spanish tattoo industry.

We visited some home depots just to make ourselves feel like we are already picking stuff for our new apartment.

We even bought a car in Madrid and brought it back to Ireland just to feel a little bit more like we are already there.

Oh, and we pretty much know all the popular Spanish songs from listening to Cadena Dial (a Spanish radio station) all the time

This PROJECTION of our plans really helped us to overcome the fear of unknown.

We certainly did not know what was going to happen, how we were going to make it and if it is going to work.

But this projection really helped us to feel more confident about our decisions.

It did not feel so strange and scary anymore.

We certainly do believe in the law of attraction, but things that started happening in the moment we decided to move… were just awesome!

Suddenly girl making my coffee in the morning was from Barcelona, our next guest artist in the studio was from there and Thomas suddenly started getting filming offers from Spain.

Somehow, now even living there yet over that year we met many people from Barcelona that became our new friends.

After buying the ferry tickets and deciding on exact date (Two days before our 2nd anniversary so we can celebrate it on Barceloneta beach! How romantic!), it hit us that this is really happening!

The excitement was incredible, we are moving to Spain! But we also start to shit ourselves again as this vision actually started to become reality.

Packing was an absolute nightmare!
After finding a couple of move house tricks on Pinterest we managed to get 27boxes, absolutely overloaded Kia Sorrento, two cats, two lizards and us ready to hit the road.


The plan was:

2h Drive from Dublin to Rosslare

17h Ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg

1 seasick cat and lizards smuggled into our cabin, lining car with bin bags for the second cat, that we later found squeezed between the back door and our coffee machine (no idea how he managed to get there, but he scared the shit out of me)
a couple of desperado beers to avoid feeling sick (it worked)

8h drive from Cherbourg to Bordeaux

Overnight stay in a lovely pet-friendly hotel (lizards fed with rucola stolen from the hotel restaurant…shush…)

6h drive to Barcelona

God bless air conditioning!

Our first days in Barcelona resulted in heavy tonsillitis (fuck you air conditioning!) and even heavier disappointment with apartments searching.

As Guiris and autonomos (self-employed) looking to open up a business our chances of finding something nice were quite low.

After two weeks of very difficult searching we found a perfect one! …… And then got it denied day before moving in date!

We got something else, that we weren’t really that happy with, but we decided work with what we had and add our touch to it. It came out pretty well.. we think.. 😉

So, many things appeared to be different to what we were used to and many things did not go the way we wanted.

There is still many things we want and need to do, but it doesn’t matter because we know we will get there.

Maybe a little bit later than expected, maybe by taking different routes, but we surely will because we dreamt it, we planned it, we project it every day and we certainly do come out of our comfort zones to reach for it.

And we love it!!!

(It also doesn’t matter because of this lovely coffee, great food, friendly people, the sun,
breathtaking views and of course, cheap wine.)

We wish you all to do the same!

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  • Paul

    Good luck to you both Silvia & Tomas and well done for following your dreams.

    One quick question Silvia; Are you learning Spanish or Catalan?

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