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MasterPiece Tattoos is adjusted to the highest hygene standard. All the equipment is sterile and disposable.


Feel welcommed and comfortable. No matter if it is your 1st or 10th tattoo, in our tattoo studio you will always feel good.


We do free consultations. You bring us your ideas - our tattooers prepare the design for you.


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Tattooers, Piercers and Laser Technician in MasterPiece are skilled and experienced professionals with years of experience.

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I got in Masterpiece to do my first big tattoo! They were very nice and very professional, even with my constant objections and last minute changes to the drawing. I wouldn't do it in any other studio! AMAZING STAFF, AMAZING WORK. I also got a ear piercing. Best experience ever! <3

- Ligia Lopes (Google) 


It is my first tattoo so they paid good attention to my thoughts and ideas, though I was a bit nervous they understood the point perfectly and did the best I could get. The work is a piece of art. Thanks to the artist! The job was excellent performed. The place is awesome, with big windows and natural lighting, clean, hygienic, lovely environment. It's worth coming to Barcelona for a tattoo while hanging around this beautiful city. I loved the experience!

-  Josep S (Yelp, USA)

Great place to get your tattoo. Went whit my sister to get a matching tattoo and it was perfect. The place is new, beautiful, whit glass cabins for each person, clan and shining. They have a play station and another staff for entertaining if you get early. Sylvia and Julieta were in all details, best attention.

- Jimena B (Yelp, Uruguay)

Got a Helix piercing and Andrea was great! Didn't even feel a thing! You guys have got to try out this place!

The Eclectic AutismMom (Google, Spain)

Great experience and excelent Tattoos! I’m very happy with my new tattoo done by Victor Candiotti, he definitely surprised me with his work! It was a great day with very nice people and thanks Thomas we were on time at the airport, thanks for driving us!

- Tamara Trüb (Google, Switzerland)

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