How THE BEST TATTOO designs are created


Are you spending hours in search for the inspirations for that perfect tattoo design?

Going through another Pinterest or Instagram page with hashtag ‘’the best tattoos’’?

The Internet is full of great but also bad content, and not everything we see online should ever be repeated but rather deleted and forgotten forever. 

We know that the number of tattooers, studios, tattooing styles and pictures you find online may be overwhelming. This is why in MasterPiece Tattoos we make it our mission to help you with every step of this exciting journey which is getting a new tattoo. 

From answering all the questions, you may have at the very beginning, via the process of consultation through tattooing and aftercare.



One of the most important parts of getting a custom tattoo is to communicate your ideas to your artist. Only then they are going to be able to come up with a design that matches your ideas. 

It is good to trust your artists because they know best what works on the skin and what does not. 

Skin, ink, needle and tattoo machine are entirely different mediums than a piece of paper and a pencil. Not everything that works on paper would work on your skin which continually moves, renews itself, changes, stretches, rubs etc. 

From our experience, the best tattoos are created when you throw your ideas at the tattooer work you like and give him or her artistic freedom to create your masterpiece.  

This is why in our tattoos studio in Barcelona we put a great emphasis on a consultation process as this is a moment where excellent tattoo ideas are created. 

Tattoo consultations in MasterPiece Tattoos Barcelona are free of charge, and you can reserve yours here. 

Need help with your tattoo ideas?!

Let us know what you have in mind and we will try to match it with the best tattooer!


Do I need to bring my own design?

No, but some reference photos will be helpful. It can be photos of other tattoos or drawings, paintings, designs anything that will give your tattooer a better understanding of your ideas. 

If you are looking to get a portrait of your family member, dog etc. Please make sure the photos you bring are of the best quality possible. The better picture, the better tattoo portrait you are going to get as we can only reproduce what we can see in the image you bring us. If tattooer can’t see the details on the face, they can’t include them in your tattoo.

Reference photos can be brought on a pen drive, printed or sent via email before your consultation. 


It all depends on the piece you are looking to get done and how clear your ideas are. It may be a matter of exchanging few emails or 10 - 40 minutes of face to face consultation. 

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Are you going to send me the design?

No artist; graphic designer, videographer, painter, and so on would do the work for you before you commit to working with them just so you can see if you like the outcome or not. Therefore, you can not expect your tattooer to spend their time to prepare your design so you can see it before deciding if you want to work with them or not. 

All kind of artists have portfolios of their previous work available where you can see and judge if you like their job or not. Based on that you decide if you can trust them with your design or not. 

If you like their portfolio and you communicate your ideas well to your tattooer, they will be able to prepare a lovely design for you, but they need to know you are serious and committed to getting tattooed by them. Do not expect an artist to work for you for free, sometimes for a couple of hours just so you can see if you are going to like it or not. 

The next step then is to schedule an appointment and leave a deposit to secure your booking,  only then tattooer can start working on your design which will be ready for you on the day of your appointment.

The design will usually be shown to you on the day, and thanks to the technology changes to the design can be introduced very quickly, so there is no need to stress. We always make sure you are 100% happy with the design before we go ahead with the tattooing. 

Now, are you ready to get that perfect tattoo?

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