What actually is a 3d tattoo?

And do 3d tattoos really exist?

Usually, designs, drawings, paintings and also tattoos are
two-dimensional flat images.

They have a length and width.

So what happens if we add a third dimension? Depth?

By using shading and highlighting, shadows, blur and recently also shapes and geometric figures artists create the illusion of the image being above the skin, coming out, or away of the body.

Lighting and shading make the design appear rounder with highlighted areas appearing to be closer to the viewer.
It creates an impression of the distance.
Adding shadows, not only to the subject but also to the skin
is telling the eye how much space exists between an object and skin itself and that gives an impression of something/an object sitting on top of the skin.

This techniques can be also used to create an optical illusion of ‚’removed’’ parts of the skin to reveal muscles, tendons, or other robotic like parts.

Geometric patterns and dotwork designs can be used to create a 3d effect and also to alter the body’s perceived size and shape. Making it appear wider or narrower and sometimes even concave or convex.

As the animation technology developed introducing a 3d dimention into it’s images- new techniques and newest available tools allowed artists to also bring tattoo art to ‚’life’’

To the point, where artists can create convincing, photo-realistic optical illusions on their clients’ skin.

It takes incredible skill to master such difficult techniques
on an elastic, curved surface like human body, that stretches, moves and wrinkles.

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