ISNARD BARBOSA – interview

Use of historic art in 21st-century tattooing – Man behind Optical illusion tattoo- 

Interview with Isnard Barbosa

In this video we find out little more about this amazing tattoo artist born in Brazil, but raised in Portugal.

Isnard started with spray painting and graffiti doing commission work for small businesses to finally
end up tattooing in a very young age of 17.

His big love to art history especially Baroque and Renaissance as well as years of studying
paintings and painters from this period resulted in a creation of his very original tattooing style.

A lot of his ideas also come from his favourite art nouveau and painter and decorative artist
Alphonse Mucha whose influence can be easily seen in Isnards work.

But this creative artist does not stop there, he creates unbelievable pieces of art by mixing different styles achieving really original results.

”What most inspires me is from the beginning of the 15th , 16 Century and specially 19Century

Realistic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, even Art Deco. I like it because it has a lot of elements that I can put together and turn it into and sometimes neo traditional, 

sometimes realistic. 

Really depends, there is like a lot of elements hiding on certain images you can find, make them bigger, make them smaller and use them. 

Sometimes I mix realistic with black and grey and put a little bit of colour here. 

I did 8bit thing mixing with Japnese

That was a reference from the client

I was like o! something new, challenging

I was like “ i don’t know if its gonna work or not”

Realistic, Japanese, 8bit

I was like” Let’s try it “ and it worked”

When he is not working on his designs, drawings and tattoos he trains muai thai which he fell in love with some time ago.

”I did capoeira in the past for like 3 years and i loved it 

I was like, ok I ll try muay thai

As soon as i started i said i love this

I admire how much my trainer pushes me ISNARD DO THIS TDO THAT”

Even though he is beating me, kicking me I was like “ I LOVE IT I LOVE THIS”

You can check more of his work here

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