Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek

Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek

Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek is just another incredible talent discovered in ”Kult”; very successfull Polish tattoo studio, a ”talent mine” as many like to call it. People who create it run one of the coolest Polish tattoo conventions TattooFest Festiwal, own a clothing brand designed by tattoo artists and publish renowned TF magazine.

It is one of the tattoo studios that brought numbers of amazing artists to the world. Talents like Szymon Gdowicz (who we have just recently interviewed), Davee (who we are going to introduce to you soon) or our today’s star Bam, who started his career in the industry by working in Kult as a piercer, then editor of the magazine and eventually tattoo artist.

His tattooing career goes back to the year 2009 when after a couple of years of attempts Lukasz decided to make tattooing his full-time job.

One of our favourite Bam’s sayings is ’’Give the monkey a pencil, and it will learn how to draw’’.

lemour tattoo bam

The level of artistry and tattooing he is using now are results of his open-mindedness and years of hard work. As many other artists, Bam wasn’t born with the ability to create spectacular art. He spent hours watching other artists and learnt by asking questions and by trying different things and techniques.

The artist that influenced him the most was his friend, previously mentioned Davee Blows; another diamond of ”Kult”, who’s currently spending most of the time in Asia.

(btw, he is our next target! For both, new tattoos and the video!)

After a couple of years in the studio, Bam decided to move on and open his own atelier. Today you can find Bam in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

His tattooing style is influenced by the love for street art and graffiti from back when he was a child. It is mainly about bold, chunky marker or brush style outlines, bold colours and dynamic composition that we just like to call a ‘’Bam’s style’’.

black and grey tattoo ink

Famous for his colour work, but he also loves to work in black and grey. Bam may not be the biggest fan of skulls but he loves tattooing hearts, and you can see him smuggling a lot of them into his designs. He also prefers to tattoo subjects over the characters.

Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek is one of this artist that prepare their designs on the day. You also only get to see a rough sketch so don’t be surprised that you will not know exactly how your tattoo is going to look like until it’s finished. Better make sure you are able to trust him. Which you definitely should do, because only then, he will be able to do his magic on your skin. And we can surely say IT IS WORTH IT!

Bam’s open-mindedness shows in many aspects of his life. He loves to try new things, one day he will be a keen gardener growing bonsai trees, and when you meet him 3months later he will be… a cyclist! You never know what hobby he is going to have next. He also loves to try different media to express his creativity. Shoes, watches, glass, wood he tries it all, and we love it! Especially one little wooden deer that has stolen my heart.get bam bam tattooing

Despite his open-mindedness, he describes himself as anti-social which is very hard to believe in. Every time I was trying to take a book and read during my tattoo sessions we ended up chatting away for hours.

But it is a fact; he doesn’t like to be involved in the tattoo community too much, but he loves to spend time with his cat or in the gym taking selfies 😉 He also prefers guest spots over noisy and often uncomfortable tattoo conventions. Maybe there is a little truth in his anti-social personality? We are not sure. Anyone out there knows the truth?!

We are very happy we got a chance to meet and spend some time with this amazing artist. We are surely going to be back for more (next sessions already booked) because as I always say… Tattoo artists are 80% skills and 20% personality, and he has got it all!

Thanks Bam!

Want to get tattooed by Bam? Contact him via his instagram or book an appointment with him in our Tattoo Studio in Barcelona

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