Secrets behind optical illusion tattoo.

Optical Illusion Tattoo

Two girls – One Skull, Optical Illusion Tattoo collaboration is a project pursued by two Dublin Ink resident artists Norbert Halasz and Isnard Barbosa.

Dublin Ink is a very busy custom tattoo studio located in Dublin, Ireland home for some of the best tattoo artists in Ireland and numerous international guest artists.

It is a friendly open studio and what sets them apart from other’s in the country is the number of amazing artists working together under one roof. Along with two, busy body piercers that have probably already pierced half of the country. They are also involved in many exciting and fun events and always come up with new creative projects and collaborations such as Illusion tattoo collaboration.

isnard barbosa drawing

What is the Illusion Tattoo Collaboration? 

Norbert, Dublin Ink’s owner, an artist with many years of experience that feels comfortable in nearly every tattooing style.

Isnard, specialising in neotraditional, realism and his own Alfons Mucha like a style. They both work in different ways, they both have different specialities, habits and styles. But they decided to create something different, something that will blow your mind.
Boys have already taken part in many different kinds of artists collaborations but this one was supposed to be special. They decided to use some of the optical illusion reference and artwork by artists like Salvador Dali.

The idea was to create two different tattoos on two separate arms that when put together create a third image. Boys decided to tattoo two girls, one on each of clients forearms that create a skull when joined.

two girls one skull tattoo

To spice it up a bit they decided to be changing sides every 30min so one had to continue the work of the other.

But this in not all that makes this project special. Ian, the person getting an optical illusion tattoo was a person picked in a draw and he did not fully know what he was getting tattooed until the tattoo was done. Plus, he was getting both arms tattooed in the same time!

Optical Illusion Tattoo

Truly brave man!


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