Does piercing hurt?!

Each person has a different pain tolerance. Piercing the skin is a fast procedure so the pain-ish/pressure feeling is over immediately. The area around the piercing wound can be swollen, red, and sore for the first few days, weeks, or even longer, depending on the location of the piercing wound. When you see how beautiful it looks, you wont regret it!!!

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lobulo, helix, tragus, conch piercing

/ Lobe / Helix / Tragus / Antitragus /

Lobe - It is a relatively easy piercing to make and heal. Usually done with basic straight barbell or labret which can be later changed to something more fancy.

Helix /Scapha - Piercing located in an cartilage of your ear, ususally in it's upper part. If two done beside each other we call them double or triple helix piercings. You can wear ring or a labret althought piercing would normally be done with a straight labret or barbell. We have a selection of tops if you don't want go for basic jewellery.

Tragus / Antitragus - Very cool and popular piercing located in the cartilage at the entrance to your ear canal. Not very painful but slightly unplesant one. Some clients can get 2 or even 3 piercings in their tragus allowing for nice composition.

Healing Time for ear piercings: 3 to 9 months


Forward helix, second lobe, conch, daith, tragus piercing

/ Forward Helix / Rook / Daith Piercing / Conch / 

Forward Helix - Piercing located in a curved part of your ears cartilage right where ear meets your face. You can also have double or triple forward helix piercings. Ask us for the choice of beautiful jewellery.

Rook - Piercing in the small ridge of cartilage near the face in the upper part of the ear. Not every ear is sutable for such piercing  as the ridge is not pronounced enough. Our experienced piercers will be able to assess if your rook is ok to be pierced.

Daith - An attractive piercing located in the innermost fold of the ear. There is a common belief that that daith piercing can ease headaches which we can neither confirm nor deny as some of our clients claim it did help and some not.

(Ask our piercers for fancy jewellery options!)

Conch Piercing - Done in the deep bowl-shaped central shell of the ear. Due to big size of this part of the ear piercing can be placed in many different spots.

Healing Time for ear piercings: 3 to 9 months, commonly 6 months

Industrial - Also called scaffold. Piercing that connects two perforations on the upper part of your ear's cartilage using one long bar. Not everyone is suitable to get that piercing done sue to the anatomy of the ear. Our piercers will be able to asses if you are suitable or not.

Healing Time: Up to 12 months

How long does a piercing take to heal?

Healing time will depend on each person, where your piercing is located, if you give it a proper care… Actual healing can take over a year. Even if it might seem your piercing is completely healed because it's no longer swollen or tender, it doesn't mean it is. It's best if you can come to MasterPiece and talk to our piercer for any doubt. 


nose piercing, septum

Nose / Nostril - Piercing placed on the side of your nose, usually seated in a niche called the supra-alar crease. Your eyes will likely water during this procedure. Piercing usually done with a nose stud or labret with small 2mm ball.

It is not advised to get this piercing when you have cold or allergy

See why we don't pierce with the ring below.

If you have problems with nose piercing ''bubble'' you can see our advise here

Healing Time: 3 to 4 months

Septum - Piercing placed in the tissue that divides the nostrils. Properly done septum piercing  is NOT placed in the cartilage but in a very thin skin between the cartilage and tip of your nose making this piercing very easy and painless procedure. Your eyes will more likely water during the procedure.

Not every person is suitable to get this piercing. Our experienced piercers will be able to asses if your septium is big enough to be pierced and will place it correctly to minimize the pain and chances of complications.

Healing Time: 4 to 8 weeks

Can I start with a ring?

In some placements rings are good choice for your piercing, but its not always the best option. It also depends on the client/s anatomy and their wishes in the future. If you want to get a ring, you will have to keep in mind it might not be the size you expect to have as when it's healed because there has to be some space for swelling. Also, rings can move and turn easily, so when the piercing is fresh it can bring bacteria that sits in the jewelry inside the wound and can cause infections. 

It's best to discuss this with your piercer and trust him/her to guide you. 


tongue, smiley piercing

Tongue - Central position is the most popular because it minimizes visibility and keeps jewelery away from the teeth. Piercees with apropriate anatomy can get multiple tongue piercings.

Tongue piercing tends to swell quite a lot and cause temporary problems with eating and talking. Symptoms usualy go away with the swelling in 3-5days.

Healing Time: 4 to 6 weeks

Smiley - Smiley piercing goes through your upper frenulum, the small piece of skin connecting your upper lip to your upper gum. It is a very thin skin easy to rip so jewellrey used for initial piercing can't be too big or too heavy.

Usually done with CBR or circular barbell.

It is relatively easy, painless, quick to  heal piercing.

Healing Time: 4 to 6 weeks

When can i change my initial jewelry?

This depends on how much your piercing takes to heal, it's location, it's aftercare… It's best to go to your piercer and make a revision and a judgement of the healing process to see if its accurate to change your jewelry.


Labret - The traditional and most popular placement is centered under the lower lip.

Upper Lip Side (Monroe, Madonna)

Worn off to one side above the upper lip toward the corner of the mouth.

Philtrum (Medusa) - Placed in the center of the natural divot between the mouth and the nose. It tends to leave a visible marks if the piercing is abandoned.

Vertical labret - It is a type of surface piercing that is placed vertically through the centre of the bottom lip. It is prone to migration and rejections.

Healing Time: 6 to 8 weeks

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navel piercing

Navel - Also called bellybutton piercing. Piercing done in the tissue surrounding your navel. Can be placed in upper, lower as well as on each of the sides.

Jewellery usually used is a jewelled navel bar.

Healing Time: 6 to 9 months

Should i rotate my jewellery during the healing?

It's best to leave it alone while it's healing. A piercing is a puncture wound so it heals from the outsides of the piercing towards the inside. Excessive moving of the jewelry in the piercing can tear the new tissue that is healing.


nipple pezon piercing

Nipple - Nipple piercing is usually done with a straight barbell.

Inverted Nipples: Nipple piercing can be a revolutionary tool to cure inverted nipples.

Healing Time: Male 3 to 4 months, Female 6 to 9 months


micro dermal piercing

Micro Dermal - It is a relatively new technique that involves first creating a pocket in your skin to later insert a flat T shaped micro dermal. Only the top of the micro dermal is visible and the rest is embedded under the skin. Tops can be changed. Micro dermal is held in place by the tissue that grows around the plate placed in the skin.

Advantages of micro dermals over the surface bar are; lower rejection rate, way smaller or no scar.

TIP: be very careful not to catch your micro dermal onto clothes, jewellery etc.

Healing Time: 1 to 3 months

What is the definition of "Piercing"?

Body piercing is the insertion of an ornament into a perforation made in the tissue* for decorative, cultural, spiritual, or other reasons.

*Depending on the area of the body that is being pierced, tissue of various types will be perforated, (for example the cartilage of the ear, erectile tissue of the nipple, or mucous membrane and muscle of the tongue).


surface piercing

Surface Piercing - Nape is the most popular surface piercing placed at the back of your neck. In most cases we recommend micro dermals instead of surface piercings due to it's high rejections rates, severe scarring and marking.

Healing Time: Depends on placement but usually takes as long as 9 months or more.

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Eyebrow - Piercing placed vertically 3/4 of the brow. Performed with curved barbell. Some bruising may appear after the procedure.

Healing Time: 3 to 4 months


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