ROBERT BORBAS – interview

Tattoo artist creates designs for Metallica – Interview with Robert Borbas aka Grindesign.

The music he loves and used to make with his music band Sharon Tate, his tattoos and artwork he creates indicated that we were going to meet someone with darker personality…

We were really surprised to find out he is one of the most lovely, open and positive people we have ever met in our lives.

His artistic career developed pretty quickly.

Rob, originally an animation director with diploma used to make short films or cartoons for children.

But soon later known as Grinddesign switched to more traditional illustration and graphic design, that appealed to many music bands, especially in the metal genre.

On his account he has t-shirts designs, CD and Vinyl covers for bands such Kreator, German trash band Suicide Silence, Azaliedying, Killswitch Engage, Caliban or even Metallica


Learning under known in Hungary Zsolt Sarkozy, owner of Dark Art Tattoo Rob mastered an art of tattooing very quickly and became world known tattoo artist that just recently opened his own tattoo studio RookletINK in Budapest.
It looks amazing, so make sure you are going to visit when you are around!

Have a look at the video with Rob and find out some more about this sweet, talented man.


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