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 Rose tattoo ideas – little guide to different tattooing styles

How to choose the best tattooing style?

And what the tattooing style actually is?!

For the last couple of years, I have been working beside different tattoo artists, piercers, apprentices and shop managers in different tattoo shops
and I have noticed that many questions are being asked by clients over and over again.

I think it is super important to educate people and answer this questions in depth so you or your client scan make conscious, educated decisions and appropriately look after body mods such tattoos and piercing.

This video is our first vlog type of post.

In this new series, we would love to share some of the tattoo and piercing knowledge with you.

We highly encourage you to comment, ask questions, like and share it if you feel it is worth it!

I am including video script here for those that still prefer to read.


Every tattoo artist can tattoo a rose, it isn’t really about the subject of a tattoo, a flower, a cat, or a cross, but the way artist is going to make it look.

Tattoo industry is growing at a massive speed and this days you have a whole range of super talented tattoo artists who created their own styles, or work in style they feel most comfortable in. And that’s what we should look at.

I am going to show you some examples so you have a rough idea of how big choice you actually have!

In different countries different tattooing styles will be more, or less popular and artists specailising in them less or more available,

Let’s start with something more traditional


like this one by @chuligonzalez

Flat, solid, thick outlines!

You can be sure that this tattoo is not going anywhere…

it will stay there looking awesome.




Something more modern.

It is more detailed,

but still with thick outlines and solid filling

tattoo done by @enekotattoo





Quite popular recently black work,

dotwork, linework, geometrical


Or dotwork mixed with more realistic styles

How cool is that you can even mix styles

if you are not sure which one you like more!





Here often question of colour or black and grey appear! What do you think should I go for black and grey or colour?

”What do you think should I go for black and grey or colour?”
Honestly this is something you need to decide for yourself, like styles, colour or black and grey are entirely your own preference! There is no better style, or ‚’the best artist’’

But, yes colours may hurt more… and I can explain that in details in another video.


Where you can see all the details including waterdrops, or texture on pettles or leafs.

There is even more and artists keep coming up with new super creative ideas, you can go really crazy with it!

Have a look!

@ivanatattoo                                                           @sashaunisex                                         @evakrbdk

Different styles give the artist different artistic possibilities, but also limitations.

For example realistic tattoo can’t be too small because of the amount of the details in them, in general the less skin surface you give them, the less details they can fit there.

Also type and colour of your skin, or placement may be a limitation.

As you can see there is a massive choice!!! And it’s getting bigger every day as technology goes forward enabling artist to do more things and try different techniques on such difficult canvas as human skin.

If you feel little bit overwhelmed by the choice, there is many many amazing pages on facebook or instagram that feature great artists. Take your time and go through their work and quickly you will know which style is closest to your heart.

And don’t worry you don’t need to stick to one style, artist or colour.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us!








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