tattoo facts #1


Tattoo Facts you did not know about -Part 1

Colour tattoos cost more.

In general colour tattoos do not cost more than black and grey tattoos. As you learnt from our other video ’why tattoos are so expensive’’ most tattoo artists charge by the hour and color tattoos tend to take little bit longer to do that’s the factor that may raise the price a bit but color itself is not more expensive and there is no separate price for black and grey or color tattoos.

Colour tattoos hurt more.

Colour tattoos hurt more. They can indeed hurt more, but it is not because of the color ink itself being more painful. It is because they take a bit longer to do and because artists use the different technique of applying ink which goes black, dark colors, bright colors, whites
so using this analogy we could say white hurts the most! Just because it’s applied last on the already open skin on which your artist applied darker color before.

Tattoos in some placements are more expensive.

Again, it is not that artist sits there and come up with the menu of body parts and prices…
It all comes back to the rule of time. If you decide to get your first tattoo on the painful body part like ribs and you are going to be moving, breathing irregularly, jumping around etc it will indeed take a lot longer to do and a price will go up.

As well if you are a big, hairy man and you want to get the tattoo on your butt because you lost a bet you may, in fact, be charged more…. sorry!

tattoo on ribs pain ting
Rib tattoos by PainTing

Two tattoos the same size may cost totally different amount of $$$

It is because two the same size tattoos may have a totally different amount of details in them. That’s why most of the artists don’t charge by the piece anymore.
They may be so different that one same size tattoo may take 30min and another 3,5h!
It really depends on style and intricacy.
Don’t be like ‘’how much for a medium size tattoo?’

Edek Qwerty and Matthew James

So how much is it going to cost?!

The artist will only be able to give you an idea of the approximate cost after you discuss the ideas and decide on the size and placement.
It still will be only an estimate because on the day you make want to make some changes to the design, you may move a lot and take many breaks that are not artists fault and the tattooing process will take much longer.

I want to see my design!!!!

Chill… You probably will not see your design before the day of your appointment anyway.
Often, your artist won’t have your design ready earlier than the day before or the day of your appointment.
It is because they tattoo every day and when they don’t tattoo… yes… they prepare designs for clients they have booked in for the next day.
I was trying to figure out why so many artists prepare their designs ‘’for the last minute’’ and the answer I got was satisfying…
Most of them told me they do so because they are artists, they love to create, change and improve! If they prepare your design week before your appointment, they will end up sitting and redrawing and changing it the night before anyway.
And to be fully honest with you… I found that the best artists I know are the once that are never fully satisfied with their work. But you… oh, you will be… always!
But don’t worry even though you only see your design ‘’in the last minute’’ you do not have the obligation to get it tattooed if you don’t like it.
But trust me if you pick the right artist you would not even need to worry about it.

Most of the artists will have a waiting list.

Most of the tattoo artists will have a waiting list. You may have to wait for 6months, a year or even longer for the well-known artist. So don’t get too surprised when they tell you to wait. The fact they have clients means that they are doing something right… right?
If you really love what the artist produce, wait.
Most of the studios will be able to fit you in without waiting that long if you are only looking for a small and simple tattoo. But still, make sure you are satisfied with the artists portfolio.
Tattoo artists don’t need to help you if they don’t want to.

Yup, that’s true. You have to remember that their job requires a lot of responsibility and they know what they are doing, so if you don’t listen to them saying something is a bad idea… they will surely send you away.
You and your tattoo are a walking advertising for the artist and studio, they don’t want to ruin their reputation with something you insisted on getting that later turned out to be a piece of crap. They prefer not to take your money than to mark you for life with something they are not happy with.
Saying the customer is always right does not always apply in tattoo studios…

artist waiting list

A good artist won’t tattoo a visibly intoxicated customer.

The key word there is good.
Plenty of artists (good or bad) will take your money and let you deal with the hangover.
You sign the consent form, the artist is clear…

But good artists won’t do it because alcohol means thinner blood and higher blood pressure mean excess bleeding.
This increased bleeding makes it difficult for the artist to tattoo and get ink into the skin as it is being pushed out by the blood. Not only the process is more difficult but also, healing and the final result will be poor.

Tattoo needle goes into the Demis while vaccination needle goes into Subcutaneous tissue or muscle.

Tattoos don’t feel like vaccinations or taking blood samples!

Tattoo needle don’t look like syringe needles plus tattoo needle doesn’t go very deep into the skin like a shot does.
Tattooing feels like tattooing… it is hard to compare it to anything but the closest one would be scratching mixed with annoying, intense vibration.




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