Tattoo facts you didn’t know about -Part 2

If you haven’t seen Tattoo Facts Part 1 you can watch it here


Tattoo can react to allergies and changes in lifestyle

Your tattoos can sometimes pop out or itch even years after being done.
It is because through the process of ink encapsulation by phagocytes and ink accumulation in the lymph nodes your tattoo becomes somehow connected with your immune system. So if you have the allergic histamine reaction to anything or your body reacts to changes in your lifestyle, diet and even when you quit smoking your tattoo may react too.

No need for the license!

In most parts of Europe, you do not need to have any sort of education or training to become a tattoo artist. You can just get the equipment, rent the place and tattoo people. I highly DO NOT recommend doing that because you will end up sued and hated by the people. There is also a substantial lack of laws and regulations so professionals from the industry have to regulate by creating associations and ‚’non written laws’’ themselves.
It is kinda crazy and I want you to know this because it is YOUR obligation to make sure you check studio and artist properly before you let him or her mark your body!

Ink will come out of your tattoo

It is normal that body will push out some of the ink in during the first few days.
We have to treat fresh tattoo as an open wound. Your body recognizes an open wound and tries to close it off with white blood cells and lymph. It will also try to get rid of what is causing the inflammation – ink. But don’t worry, if done professionally, only the excess of ink will come out and it will not affect your tattoo.
So your new tattoo will ooze a little bit of plasma discharge and ink but ONLY during first 1-2days.

Tattoo artists are not Rock Stars!

Tattoo industry has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.
Today’s tattoo artists are no longer mainly bikers and rock stars.
Tattooers are artists, entrepreneurs, business managers, accountants, lawyers, teachers and sometimes even astronomers. Graphic design or art school degree within artists becomes a norm.
They are also loving husbands, wives, mothers and fathers with sometimes very interesting hobbies.
And actually, this is something we are trying to show in our artist interview videos.



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