How technology helps artists in creating masterpieces.

Charles Huurman from Utopian Tattoo Tribe Valencia / Kilkenny explaining why technology in designing plays such big role for him.

”We say that in our tattoos designing is like 60% more than the actual tattooing. This is the importance I give to the designing.

For me technology is such a changing factor. Computers are better because most of the time when I start designing, I don’t actually know what exactly I am going to do.

With the computer, I just can try many different things really fast. If I have to draw those things it would take me much longer.

Technology also allows me to see more. For sleeves when I am using 3d arm, the arm on a computer, it really helps me to see much faster how it is actually going to work.

When I am designing with the computer I can just throw images, one on top of another, click, move things around, just try. That gives me a sense of freedom when I am designing with pencils, like I used to. I didn’t have that freedom, I couldn’t try so many things. I couldn’t find out so many things.
It came to the point, that when I start designing I actually, before I do the design I don’t even know how I am going to do it.
I just go with an empty mind and play with it and I can not do that so much with drawing because it is so much slower.

It has really opened my mind in so many ways towards designing.

Charles Huurman tattoo

It is unlimited, technology is unlimited while my hands and my drawing is really limited. That’s how it feels like.

With the computer you could discover new things, techniques and there is so many I have to discover for designing, still…

With drawing whatever it is just pencils and paper for me is very limited.

Technology is very important part in the designing for me.”



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