What are tattoo conventions?

What are tattoo conventions?

Never been to a tattoo convention and you want to know what you can expect from this type of event?

Then watch our video in which Silvia explains what tattoo conventions are.

They have a quite long history going back to the year 1976 in the USA where the first tattoo convention took place.

Nowadays tattoo conventions are organized in most of the bigger and smaller cities all over the world.

Tattoo conventions are usually 2-3 days long events showcasing many different tattoo artists from all parts of the world working together under one roof. They take place in the hotels or bigger conference centres depending on the number of artists.

They are exhibition style events where each artist has their station located in their own booth.

List of all the tattoo conventions taking place around the globe can be found in one place; World Tattoo Events website.

Each of the events would have their own website on which you can check all the details regarding the artists attending the show. If you are looking to get tattooed you will be able to find artist portfolios and their contact details, so you can talk to them in advance about your ideas. List of the traders, attractions, line up, all the important information regarding hotels, transport, tickets and location should also be available on the web.

What Tattoo Conventions are for?

The main idea behind the tattoo convention is to bring different tattoo artists that specialize in different (often difficult to find) styles into one place giving you the chance to get tattooed by them without the need of travelling too far.

You can get tattooed at the show, but you don’t have to.

Tattoo conventions are often mixed with other events such as graffiti, extreme sport or music festivals.

They give you great opportunity to check out all the local studios, talk to the artists and their clients, have a look at artist’s portfolios and see what is available.

Get social!

On the other hand, tattoo conventions offer tattoo collectors and tattoo lovers a place to meet other like minded people, listen to good music and just enjoy.

It also gives an opportunity for many tattoo artists and body piercers to meet, have some fun together, learn and share the experience but also buy some new equipment.

There are seminars organized on many of this events so artists can learn something new from more experienced or specialized in different styles colleagues.

So what happens at the tattoo conventions?

If you are not getting tattooed yourself, you may find looking at people tattooing and getting tattooed all day a little bit boring… To make sure everyone has great fun organizers put together some exciting lineups.

You can see attractions like body suspension, car shows, burlesque dance, live bands, magic or comedy shows and much, much more. You can also see newest aftercare solutions, or tattoo practising tools like fake skin and get some samples, buy cool clothes or artwork.

You can also get pierced or buy some new body jewellery as tattoo conventions often bring different types of body art together.

Don’t be afraid to bring your kids with you.

Organizers often prepare special attractions for kids like Banana Ink who will give you and your child an opportunity to try tattooing on a banana skin. There is also body painting, temporary tattoos and other cool attractions.

We recommend checking details or just asking organizers beforehand as there may be some exceptions.

All reputable tattoo conventions are regularly checked by the health department, and artists working at them are prepared and used to work in this conditions. Most of the equipment is disposable. There are sterilization points available making events like this a safe environment to get tattooed by the artist you work you love.

Let us know in the comments below or social media what questions regarding tattoo conventions you may have.  We would love to include them in our next video and blog!

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