Beautiful and talented Russian Tattoo Artist – Sasha Unisex

Who is she outside the tattoo world? How family and friends helped her in her journey and what are her plans for future.

We had a pleasure to meet and interview Sasha at the Barcelona Tattoo Expo last year.

We were lucky because she didn’t work much that weekend. Instead, she was connecting with other artists and her fans, so she was also able to find a minute for this interview with us.

Here is what interview we got.

– Tell us the story behind your artist name.
Unisex? Is there any other meaning to it besides the original?

Let’s begin with my name. It’s Sasha. Actually, my real full name is Olexandra, but in its short version it sounds like Sasha and it’s commonly work for both boys and girls. And I really like the fact, that it’s hard to determine the sex of a person with such a name as it’s universal (unisex). I like to dress in unisex style, so I’d prefer wearing jeans, t-shirts rather than dresses. Even though I wear dresses too, I really like unisex style and I also like to focus attention on the fact, that my name Sasha is also unisex. So it’s mostly related to my name. And here is the reason of such a combination of words in my nickname.

sasha unisex working

– We know you want to create Sasha Unisex brand, which direction do you want to go with it? What’s the plan you have for it?

I get a lot of letters and requests, as people want me to make a tattoo for them or to buy my sketch, want to have a unique portrait of their pet, but unfortunately I’m not able to make a tattoo for everyone, who wants it. I would really like to propose them something connected with my art. It’s not only clothes, we also product different kinds of souvenir gifts, such as pins, watches, umbrellas, almost anything possible. I think that further production will be based on the people’s interest, on what they want to see. And that’s what I’m going to give them. For a long period people wanted us to produce temporary tattoos and that’s what we did.

sasha unisex brand
Sasha Unisex Brand @sashaunisex_store


– We saw couple of cool videos on your YouTube channel?
What are they? Just another way of artistic expression or you have bigger plans connected with them?

I would not call it a kind of art, as it’s not me who films and I only take part in it. I do it for people to see other sides of my life, to understand that I don’t make tattoos all the time, but I like walking in the park, drawing outdoors, skateboarding. People are interested in what kind of person I am and I would like to show them my lifestyle. And if someone’s interested, I have a YouTube channel and though it’s not so popular, as it’s pretty new, still quite a lot of people watch it.

sasha unisex inspiration

– You are also planning to open up another studio. This time in Europe. Tell us a little bit about it, where? Why?

Yes, that’s true, that I’m planning to open a studio in Europe, as for the moment I’ve closed my studio in Moscow and want to open a new one. I would like to do it in Prague. But I want to unite a studio with an offline shop and a showroom, so that it will just be a place for people to visit, to acquaint themselves with my creative work, to communicate. I’m going to work there together with my team. They are people, who help me with organization, contacts with other people, together we work toward the common goal. But there won’t be any other tattoo artist, I’ll be the only one to make tattoos.

sasha unisex watercolour tattoos

– We know you attended art school. But who was your master when learning to tattoo and how long did it take you to learn this trade?

I would not mark out one particular person, as I didn’t have a teacher as such. I can say, that I had a number of them, I just tried to watch different artists work. When I enter this industry, got interested in it, bought the necessary equipment and started to try something myself, my aim was to meet as many people as possible working in this sphere for a long time. They taught me a lot and I took from each of them the things I needed. Some of them told me about sterilization, some about protection, some showed me the way to communicate with clients, someone just told me the story of his career in the business, the way he came to it. So this is how step by step, taking something from each person I met, I made a tattoo-artist and tried to visit different tattoo-connected events. These were not really big conventions, such as in Russia or Ukraine, but they really showed me a lot and made me understand that I really liked it and that I was not the only one, who’s crazy about it. I met people, who committed all their lives to tattoo art and that’s what inspired me greatly to move further and develop myself.

shasha unisex watercolour designs

– Right at the beginning of your journey with tattooing you were already searching for your own unique style, which people recognize you by at the moment. Do you not think artists should go through all styles before searching for their own?

To some degree I agree with the opinion, that one should try himself in different styles. Perhaps, some of novice tattoo artists from the very beginning understand, what kind of style they like and begin with it. But as for me, I wasn’t sure about the style I wanted to work in, so I tried old school tattoos, realistic, black and grey ones. And little by little I came to the idea, that I don’t want to work in any of the existing styles, I have always dreamt about of creating something no one else does, something of my own. And it was really hard to start drawing my own sketches as they didn’t look like anything else and some people just laughed at me, saying that I won’t succeed. But still there were my friends around, who were for me and supported me greatly. And that helped me to stay in course. I just understood, my friends were right. You always need to pursue your goal, the thing you really need. That is a great feeling. You have to work pretty hard but it does worth it.

sasha unisex tattoos

– What else besides tattooing makes you happy in life?
What do you like to do when you don’t tattoo or draw?

Well, I love going to the cinema, I do it practically every weekend. Sometimes, even if a movie is not really good, I still like the fact of going to the cinema, taking friends with me, buying popcorn, just sitting there and laughing. I love to spend my free time this way. I also enjoy going to the museums, theatres and though I do not so often, I adore it and it inspires, me greatly. There are lots of art galleries in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It’s so great there, that I would really like to be able to find more time for this.


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